Gill studied silversmithing at the Grennan Mill Craft School in Kilkenny and went on to study at the Regional Technical College, Letterkenny; the University of Ulster, Belfast and the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Today I experimented with a Sigma 180mm lens mounted on a Sony A7RM2 body using a Metabones adaptor.

This combination does not work in Auto-Focus mode so I had to use manual focusing and this was not easy and it certainly would have been impossible without focus peaking [a feature that I have never properly employed before]. In case you are unaware focus peaking is a tool to assist you while manual focusing. It highlights the areas that are in focus so you are able to quickly focus the camera and not miss crucial shots. However, focus peaking is not as easy as it sounds because it shows you what's sharp on the viewfinder screen, not what's sharp in the actual image. Since the screen or viewfinder has a much lower resolution than the actual camera sensor areas that are highlighted as being sharp in the viewfinder can be very much out of focus in the image you actually capture.