Find Your 'Tree' Love with the World's First Tree Matching Site

26 Feb 2015

Ahead of ESB Tree Week

With Valentine's Day well behind us, it's time to focus on the more meaningful relationships in our lives; those that have solid roots and branch into every aspect of our day to day existence. With this in mind and the countdown to ESB Tree Week under way, ESB is launching 'Timbr', the world's first 'tree matching site' to allow everyone to discover their 'tree' love and find their one 'tree' love in their own vicinity.

Those looking for a solid, sustainable relationship simply log onto, set their location and a host of potential matches will be presented. Tree lovers can then select the match that best suits them and discover further details on their match and arrange a visit or a leisurely walk to discover more about them.

As well as hosting a tree matching function, Timbr will be a destination for full information on ESB Tree Week, established Coillte Tree Walks in all locations and social sharing functions.

ESB Tree Week takes place from 1st – 8th March with hundreds of events taking place around the country to raise awareness of and promote the planting and care of trees while also encouraging individuals, families, communities, schools and businesses to actively organise and engage in tree initiatives at local level. ESB Tree Week is an annual event organised by the Tree Council of Ireland, supported by Coillte.