STUDENTS SUMMIT 2015 [14-April-2015]
STUDENTS SUMMIT 2015 [14-April-2015]

As I am totally overloaded at present I was not planning to visit the Students Summit in the Mansion House on Dawson Street but I ended in the area at five o’clock so I decided to pay a quick visit but I remained for the full event as all the presentations were very interesting.

My Sony NEX-7 is not really suitable for low-light conditions so the photographs may appear over-processed because I applied a lot of noise reduction.

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) is the national representative body for third level students' in Ireland. Founded in 1959, USI now represents more than 354,000 students in over forty colleges across the island of Ireland. The goal of the USI is to work for rights of students and a fair and equal third level education system in Ireland. USI shares the view that by empowering their membership with business acumen they can help shape the future to be a better place for everyone. The Student Summit does exactly this. Students are the energetic life force to preserve and power the future of Ireland's economy.

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