Brendan O’Carroll Biography
Brendan was brought up in Finglas. He’s the youngest of eleven children. His mother Maureen was the first female Labour TD elected to the Dail and was Labour’s chief whip from 1954 - 57.

Brendan did his first stand-up show when he was 35. For the previous 22 years he worked as a waiter.

Brendan has made and lost a fortune over the last 25 years. Despite the heights he has now reached he says he “still wakes up in the morning thinking that this is the day they will find out I’m really a waiter and not a writer, actor and director, and want their money back”.

Brendan left school at age twelve because of his dyslexia, but he says “being a writer is not being able to spell properly. Those things you can learn. Being a writer is about being able to tell a story and you can’t learn that”.

A little known fact about Brendan. Despite being dyslexic Brendan has an IQ that places him in the top 2% of the country’s population and is a member of Mensa