Most kinds of portable camera are used for street photography; for example rangefinders, digital and film SLRs, and point-and-shoot cameras. A commonly used focusing technique is zone focusing — setting a fixed focal distance and shooting from that distance — as an alternative to manual-focus and autofocus.

The traditional (but not exclusive) focal lengths of 28 to 50 mm (in 35 mm terms), are used particularly for their angle of view and increased depth of field, but there are no exclusions to what might be used. Zone focusing also facilitates shooting "from the hip" i.e. without bringing the camera up to the eye. Alternatively waist-level finders and the tiltable LCD screens of digital cameras allow for composing or adjusting focus without bringing unwanted attention to the photographer.

I currently use the following cameras:
  • Sony NEX-7 [I use this 90% of the time]- I hope to replace this with a Sony A7II or A7R late in 2015
  • Sony NEX-5 [I carry this as a spare because it uses the same lenses as the NEX-7]
  • Sigma DP3 Merrill [excellent results some of the time … difficult to use but I really like it]
  • Sony VG10E [This is a video camera but it can be used for stills. Used same lenses as NEX-7]
  • Sigma DP1 [difficult to use and battery life is terrible]
  • Sigma DP2 [difficult to use and battery life is terrible]
  • Canon 1Ds [This is an excellent camera but it is much too heavy so I do not use it much which is a pity]
  • Canon 5D [This was my first good DSLR and I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about photography]