1950s – Former Veterinary College, Ballsbridge, Dublin
Two separate veterinary schools were run by UCD and TCD at the Ballsbridge site and this continued until 1977 when the two schools were merged and fully incorporated into UCD. With an early 20th century block of looseboxes and facilities to the rear by L.A. McDonnell, the land value of this site outweighed its use and it was sold for development. The stables were demolished soon after.

The site of 2.02 acres in Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, was bought by a property developer in November 2005 for the record price of €171.5 million, or almost €84 million per acre. Never redeveloped, it was taken over by NAMA. City planners have granted planning permission for a mixed-use scheme on the site for 86 apartments and penthouses, 15,600sq m (167,917sq ft) of offices, 2,600sq m (27,986sq ft) of retail and a leisure centre extending to 2,340sq m (25,188sq ft).


Luke and Brian Comer paid €22.5m for the veterinary college site in June 2013. That was an 87% discount to the €171.5m paid by the previous owners in 2005 at the height of the Irish property boom. Construction began when the prime office market in Dublin was recovering strongly but residential prices, and rents, were still relatively stagnant. However, the residential market is now booming, especially up-market locations such as Dublin 4. The recent shortage of suitable housing has made homes close to the city particularly desirable, while rents have surged by as much as 20% in parts of Dublin.
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