The Sony E-Mount 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens for NEX Cameras. It can handle everything from wide landscape photos to portraits to sports, action and even wildlife photography with the telephoto up to 200mm. And the results will be brilliant, with four aspherical elements which reduce aberrations across the entire zoom range, a quiet AF motor for improved sound recording with video, and optical Steady Shot image stabilisation (with Active mode) for steadier handheld shots while on the move. A circular aperture provides more pleasing out-of-focus areas.

This lens is not recommended for use with full-frame DSLRs. However, using my A7RM2 in APC-C I found its performance to be excellent [see below].

Many years ago I purchased a Sony VG10E camcorder and it came with a wonderful kit lens the SEL18200 [18 - 200mm F3.5 - 6.3] and since then it has been my lens of choice when using my NEX-7 or NEX-5 cameras. I really like the lens but as it is not designed for full-frame cameras I was afraid that it would not work well with the A7RM2 so today I decided to test the combination. The Sony A7RM2 can be set to crop-mode but this greatly reduces the resolution of the images but based on experience I know that I had no option but to set the camera to APS-C mode. After taking about 250 photographs I am convinced that the SEL18200 works very well combined with the A7RM2 and I am certain that this combination outperforms the NEX-7/SEL18200 combination [I really do hope that this is not wishful thinking on my part]. At this stage I should mention that battery life is becoming an issue as I am not only getting between 100 and 200 images per charge … in the case of the NEX-7 is was getting about 300 images per charge.