By Zozimuz

Windmill Lane Studios have been demolished and the stories about preserving the so called “U2 Graffiti Wall” appear to be false. A few weeks ago I did visit the area to take some photographs and at the time one of the walls was intact and according to people that I spoke to it was to be preserved [maybe at a different location]. A few days later I was contacted by two friends who own apartments on the street to inform me that the remaining wall had been reduced to dust.

There is a building across the road with lots of graffiti on it but it would appear that this building is also in the process of being demolished.

Windmill lane was becoming a bit ugly because of excessive [ and recently poor quality] street art but now the place looks very bleak. I suspect that in the not too distant future bits of painted bricks will become available for sale via eBay and there will be an endless supply.